By Brenda Wright.

The second of such events hosted by our founding member, April Stephenson, brought together AATG members. A similar gathering held in May 2012 introduced the arts group, allowing them an opportunity to share their common love of the arts. Not only did the group enjoy various delectable dishes, but as well, the artists exchanged information and creative idea ‘recipes’.

Amidst an atmosphere of auditory and visual beauty, the fine artists displayed a painting, writers/poets exhibited their latest piece, musicians sang, dancers danced. Excitement reigned! For the main purpose of this particular event was the ‘deployment’ of the group’s long-awaited website masterfully created by April’s son, Mark Stephenson.

The afternoon concluded with a corporate time of prayer during which several artists received prophetic words and pictures to share. Messages distilled as follows:

  • Vision of ‘fighter jets: ‘alignment/timing’ (NOW), 1st musicians/dancers, 2nd painters, writers, designers, 3rd healing, restoration, hospitality, teachers, encouragers, medics
  • Each waited their turn; order and timing for release of each facet and position; order important for ‘breakthrough’ …… with intercessors at the forefront to discern and cover each line, and a reinforced line of intercessors around the entire airfield providing covering and protection. The battleground is in the skies (heavenlies) – each pilot/artist was poised, ready and prepared; they knew exactly what each was to do!
  • Vision of #2 squared – ‘eh’ sq. (Canadian), then to power of 3 (cubed); spoke of ‘exponential growth’
  • Impression of Israel’s position (today); fighter jets/missiles being ‘deployed’ (launched) as AATG deployed the website
  • The Gate (pictured as entry to Noah’s Ark); ‘ark of safety’ (salvation of friends/family) entered two by two