Artist: Angelika LaHaise

Location: Lanark Highlands
Disciplines: Visual Art

About the Artist

  • born and raised in the Black Forest in Germany
  • even as a child loved to paint and work with her hands ( spend many hours next to her Dad in the dental lab working on little projects )
  • studied Nursing in Freiburg/ Black Forest and received her RN Diploma in 1976
  • married a Canadian Soldier and moved to Kingston, On. , Canada
  • settled in Lanark area in 1981 to raise their 2 children in the rural countryside
  • as a stay at home mom began a self directed Art- Education by taking various courses in water-colour , oil painting , life drawing and much reading and studying of the Masters , as well as private tutoring
  • during that time began a business as a Doll Maker
  • traveled to many shows in Ontario and In the United States
  • winning several national and international awards for her ‘one of a kind ‘ hand carved wooden dolls
  • her work was shown as part of an exhibit in the Museum of Civilisation as well as several TV programs ( “Hands over Time”, “On the Road again” and News interviews)
  • Some of her dolls are cataloged in Doll Collector books, and are written about in a number of newspaper and magazine articles
  • passed along her knowledge of sculpting and mould making for Porcelain dolls to others and taught children how to create puppets
  • in 1992 a health crisis in her family initiated the search for of a deeper relationship with God and began a very rewarding journey
  • in 1995 after feeling frustrated and burned out, lay down all Art and Crafts related projects and returned to nursing related work, with the RED CROSS, then dental lab work and as a private attendant
  • from 2002 until now began to to be creative again

As her friendship with God through the Holy Spirit developed, so also began the new desire to become creative again. Out of this interactive relationship new paintings and creative ideas began to emerge.

Just like a seed has to be planted in the ground and ‘dies’ – so that new life can develop, this wonderful gift of creativity, Angelika was born with, was ‘buried’ and after 7 years of lying dormant began a new ‘life’ . This time surrendered to God .

Where her creativity had been ‘driven’ before , now became a peaceful rewarding activity surrounded by the gentle presence of the Holy Spirit who is the best teacher . Working alongside her heavenly Father she spends many hours being creative .

“Sun of Righteousness”

“Sun of Righteousness”, watercolor by Angelika La Haise

“Sun of Righteousness”, watercolor by Angelika La Haise

Malachi 2:4 says: “But for you who revere my name,the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings…” .Just like the sun daily sustains us with its life-giving rays, we are under His watchful protective, healing love wether we perceive it or not.

The “wings” are represented by the ends of the prayer shawl as they are like a banner over us. This healing is available not only for each one of us but also extents over the land.



“Forest-path”, Watercolor by Angelika La Haise

“Forest-path”, Watercolor by Angelika La Haise

Psalms 119:105 says:”Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

The paths of our life take us sometimes to unusual places , we remember that he always walks beside us and illuminates our path. As we put our hands in His daily, we can be sure that many exciting adventures are waiting for us.