Artist: Beck Poulsen

Location: Almonte
Disciplines: Music, Song, Visual Art

Artist’s Statement:

Beck has come to believe that love is neither complicated nor easy, but it is simple. You either love or you don’t and it almost always means sacrifice. “Loved Simply” is the name of an organization she dreams to run one day where people will find love and new hope through the creative arts.



Beck Poulsen is a natural born artist and it has been clear throughout her life that God gave her a very unique gift of creativity. She has always needed to express this gift and it leaks out into nearly every avenue in her life, and only seems to increase the more she falls in love with Jesus.

From the age of 3 when she first started taking art lessons from her daddy to her more recent Live Painting sessions during conferences in both Toronto and Ottawa, Beck has never stopped pursuing a greater level of excellence in visual arts. Beck also began classical ballet at the age of 3 as the youngest student in her class and was frequently called to the stage at church to sit on her pastor’s knee and sing worship songs like, “I Love You Lord.”

All of Beck’s art comes out of a personal relationship and place of deep love with her Lord and Saviour. Her creations are for His glory and a gift of her devotion right back to Him. Beck also sees her art as the journey through her own life, healing and discovering her true self with her Lord. Creative arts has brought a great deal of healing in Beck’s life and she hopes to help others find that same identity and healing through creative expression.

Beck is a Visual Artist, Photographer, Singer/Songwriter, Poet & Dancer; Beck also enjoys crafts, textiles, making jewelry, creative writing, mixed media journaling, designing clothes and trying new art forms.

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Apple of My Eye

Apple of My Eye, by Beck Poulsen

Apple of My Eye, by Beck Poulsen

 “Apple of My Eye” is acrylic on canvas. I used the braiding affect on the background to reflect the complexity of the development of a child in the womb.

This is a picture of a baby as a fetus that is truly loved and is the apple of their parents’ eyes. The words painted all around the fetus are the things I believe should be said over each and every baby during the development in the womb. The miracle of life is full of dreaming and learning and loving. And I believe that in the deepest area of every woman these seeds have been dreamed about since her own development stages. The feeling created by these words around the fetus creates a worm and safe home for the baby.