Artist: Christine Peterkin

Location: Toronto
Disciplines: Visual Art

About the Artist

Based from her home studio in Toronto where she resides with her husband Michael, Christine is truly a classic Canadian artist.

With a passion for the North and all elements of nature, her exceptional pieces translate into art that speaks to your soul.

Her inspiration comes straight from her heart.

“How I feel, leads me. I paint the Great Unseen through my senses and my paintings equate to this splendour,” she says.

As longstanding Visual Arts Director for MissionFest and a pioneer in the prophetic arts, Christine Peterkin attributes her profound talent to the joy of God in her life.

This internationally renowned artist has a unique approach to creation and often paints live, on-stage.

Whether painting at conferences around the world in Scotland or England or at expositions at Toronto’s Rogers Centre or the Air Canada Centre, Christine’s impetus to paint can be described as “Creation: That Which Inspires me.”

From watercolours, oils and acrylics to sculptures, banners and murals, Christine ultimately loves it all.
Her dramatic use of colour and style filled with movement, while uniquely her own, is reminiscent of the Group of Seven.

It’s no wonder that collectors of Christine Peterkin’s distinctive art span the globe from Cyprus to Alaska and France to the United Kingdom.

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Forgiven, by Christine Peterkin

Forgiven, Gallery Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 48″x 36″, by Christine Peterkin

Painted in Ottawa at the Forgiven Conference. With the First Nations people on coming together to pronounce forgiveness to the Canadian Government.

The picture shows love and joy with the healing leaves leaving to go to the nations.

After this conference the salmon came back to the west coast and the cod to the east coast.

 Freely Given

Freely Given, by Christine Peterkin

Freely Given, Gallery Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 20″ x 40″, by Christine Peterkin

Painting began at a Catch the Fire conference and finished in my studio on Good Friday.

There is life in the blood, poured out freely for us all.