Artist: Elizabeth Poulsen

Location: Almonte
Disciplines: Poetry

Artist Statement:

Poetry is both a learned art and a gift. In my case it is a gift but I am learning the art. As I sit in the place I love best, at the gate where my spirit responds to my Lord, I receive some of the most amazing thoughts sometimes accompanied by visions. How exciting it is to pen them so they can be enjoyed and contemplated during the following days, weeks and, at times, years. Sometimes and often they are to be prayed and sometimes I need to ask for more.

About the Artist

Elizabeth is a prophetic poet and writer who lives with a large waterfall in her backyard in Almonte, Ontario. Her passion is to be at Jesus’ feet as Mary, loving her Lord and writing what she sees and hears for both her own relationship with Him as well as for the Bride. Elizabeth experienced an impartation for writing in her current style while serving on staff at Catch the Fire formerly TACF in Toronto. At times she receives a sketch to accompany her work and is currently experimenting with acrylics and charcoal to create visual expressions to her poetry.

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How must I handle

This life you have given to me

You breathe

I breathe

You smile

I smile

As I breathe in that which

You have made pure

I am changed

Elizabeth Poulsen

Great Lakes Mission Sept 09


My Beloved is Coming

I wait –

Speak Your sovereign words and thoughts to me.


Words that are so pure

They permeate and demolish thick walls

I have placed around my eyes

My ears

My mind

My heart

To keep from being wounded by those insensitive to who I am


I feel like I am completely unprotected at times

And then You come –

The Safe One

Full of Purpose

Full of Safe Fire

Fierce toward me

To bring me to a place once more of Your covering

Enfolded in Your great Love


I become engulfed in this love

Knowing You are completely focused on what I require


You are valiant for me

Fire and strength surround You

Everything moves,


To prefer You

The grass even parts for You

Nothing opposes You

Nothing dares


You command

Complete surrender

Complete Unity

For Your purpose is so pure


To love Your Chosen

To rescue Her

To claim Her

She is yours

You have won her heart

You have Purchased her with Your life


Everyone knows it

Everything understands it

The touch of Your life blood is everywhere


Redeeming Creation

Demanding my release

I am beginning to feel the fire

As you come nearer

I am waiting for You

I am watching for my Beloved

He is near and the walls are disintegrating as He approaches

“Danger”  is conscious of the changes

He is afraid to stay

Anxious to flee

Weakened each second that draws my Beloved closer

The time has come

And I am ready

I am naked

But the warmth of His Fire is covering me

The sense of His love is already touching the wounded places.

I am battered

But I will be radiant

When He covers me His love will transform

My Brokenness


Beauty Beyond Description   For in Him I am as He is



At last


Elizabeth Poulsen



Day One -The Unveiling

                                Speak Lord   for Your servant is listening

You are the author of the story of my life

Is there no one who hears the anguish in my heart

The longing to be known

To know myself as You know me

Read to me the chapters and pages that You have written of me

When You first thought of me

What were You thinking Lord

As I wandered from the paths You created for me

What did  You decide to do

When those You chose to express Your heart to me stopped listening

What were Your thoughts, the ones I never got to hear

When You placed dreams within my sleep,

What were You thinking at that moment

And now Lord

What thoughts are You writing of me

What songs are You creating to sing to me

How can I know these things


My heart longs for Your Words of Life














Please remove the veil from my eyes

Let me see my life from within Your eyes

I gaze into the deep places of You Lord to see, to discover




You take my breath away

For you are as a woman

Who has bathed in fragrant oil

Preparing herself

For the One she loves

And I am overcome

With the fragrance of You

I will clothe you in colours

That reflect the brilliance of

My glorious love for you

You have become known as the Toronto Blessing place

As you carried my love throughout the earth

You will soon be known as my Reflection, Toronto

As you creatively exhibit

The many facets of expressed love

I will give to You

Elizabeth Poulsen – May 20, 2009