Artist: Evelyn VanderLinde

Location: Alliston
Disciplines: Visual Art

Artists Statement

Capturing the Essence – Creative Expressions of God’s Heart

Evelyn VanderLinde and her husband Ralph, reside in the beautiful countryside northwest of Alliston, Ontario.   Her love of nature and the inspiration of long walks in rural Ontario, the quiet and beauty of her gardens and forested backyard, and hiking and camping across Canada, is evident in the prophetic creativity spilling onto her paper in delicate and at times vibrant colours.

The impressions that are revealed to Evelyn deep in her heart, during both contemplative private moments and corporate worship gatherings are then expressed through her watercolour paintings.  Capturing the essence of God’s heart in the flow and transparency of the watercolours, the images pour out onto the paper.

Creative artistic expressions of Evelyn’s dance with Abba is her passion and greatest joy. Evelyn delights in sharing this journey with others that are searching for their unique destiny and creative gifting in their life.



Evelyn VanderLinde began her journey in creative expressions in 2005, exploring  painting with watercolours, and lately, some acrylics, taking some beginner classes and experimenting on her own.

Many times words in the form of prose accompany the paintings, expressing the heartbeat of God in the movements and hues on the paper.

Evelyn is a member of the Artists at the Gibson  in Alliston.

She has had the priviledge of showing her artwork at the annual artshow for AATG for the past four years, as well as in the Blue Mountain Arts Show, The Creative Palette in Thornton, the Equator Café in Almonte,  and at the local hospital, doctor’s offices, and B&B in Alliston.

As well, helping to teach watercolours to art students at the Christian highschool in Barrie and at Alliston Community Christian school,  and sharing her creative journey to small groups has been a rewarding experience.



The glory of Your Presence

Draws us in,

Through to the other side

To see Your  face.

Pursuing You,

Pressing in to Your Presence

Glory rains saturating our hearts

Meeting heart to heart,

Spirit to spirit

Love entwined

Stir, stir,

Stirring our hearts,

Worshipping  You,

Loving You

Going deeper, ever deeper

In You

                                               Evelyn  VanderLinde


Lion Roar, by Evelyn VanderLinde

Lion Roar, 15×20 inches, by Evelyn VanderLinde


Powerful God

Pour out across the land

Your Glory

Your Presence

Breaking forth, O God

Roaring out Your Love

The heavens ‘tear’ (rip apart) with the sound of  Your Roar

The roar of God has no boundaries, no limits

The glory of His Presence extends beyond

The furthest,

The highest,

The deepest,

The widest,

And far beyond……



Evelyn VanderLinde

Look and See

Look and See, by Evelyn VanderLinde

Look and See, 12×17 inches, by Evelyn VanderLinde

Over the years I have learned to respond to Abba’s words of encouragement for my life.   One thing He asked me to do was to ‘Look up and see’, rather than walk with my head down .   As I do this each new day, I am amazed and filled with such joy at what He shows me .