Artist: Lillian Culumovic

Location: Ottawa
Disciplines: Visual Art

Artist’s Statement

My heart’s desire is to organically build art experiences within a team environment with hands-on material discovery and community building projects where people gather sometimes on the street, sometimes within churches and schools all while reworking, reinventing, repurposing materials as well as influencing lives. My art is not only a personal inner experience but one lived with the people around me and is often birthed in dreams or those quiet moments between sleep and wake or while driving. I paint in my spirit before it hits the canvas…and then continue to listen, see, wait for inspiration from the greatest Artist of all.

La vision de Lillian est de créer de façon organique des expériences d’art dans un environnement de travail d’équipe avec de la découverte de matériaux au sein de projets de développement communautaire où les gens se rassemblent parfois dans la rue, parfois dans des églises ou des écoles, tout ça en retravaillant, en réinventant, en trouvant de nouveaux usages pour les matériaux, tout en influençant des vies.

About the Artist

A financial advisor on the left side of her brain, Lillian has travelled the road through pencil and ink, watercolour, glassblowing, and sculpture, eventually uncovering her unique style of acrylic, mixed media where stained glass, metal, wood, paint, repurposed materials with a story to tell and reclaimed materials saved from land fill find their way into her art expressed with dramatic use of colour, texture and movement.

Her passion is to show people the magnificent love of God available to them now in their everyday life.
She loves to facilitate learning for people who have a hunger and a thirst for all the outrageous beauty God has placed all around us. Whether in workshops, discussion groups, think tanks, in churches, community centres or on the street, the message gets out.

Lillian’s original works of art hang in homes and public places in Canada

Lillian lives in Ottawa and is the favourite aunt to 7 nieces and nephews.

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 In the PRAISE HIM! Collection

Inspired by the Psalms
…in that quiet waking moment when God speaks to me in a special way…
…I realise the joy of the psalms…
…poetry and music and art together…
…the golden mimosa yellow, the royal purple of the irises, the green gold grass…
…so I take out my brushes and wait for inspiration

And The Earth Will Sing Praise

and the earth will sing praise by Lillian Culumovic, Acrylic Mixed Media on canvas.24 x18″

…the sun swirls with glee…the sea of nature dances… as the earth sings its song of joy…recognizing its Creator…

Fruitful Trees and All Cedars

fruitful trees and all cedars by Lillian Culumovic, Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas.20 x 10

…the sun multiplies with laughter…the rocks sing praises…the trees shine forth glory…the dancer leaps forth…


Let The Sea Roar Into All Its Fullness

let the sea roar in all its fullness.Lillian Culumovic.Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas.20 x 20

…see how the sea dances with joy…bubbling up like a spring from within…giving all…