Artist: Marg Lamendeau

Location: Arnprior
Disciplines: Visual Art

Artists Statement:

As an artist, I don’t like to take myself too seriously.  Painting is not about who I am, it is just something I do.  That being said, I am very thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to develop this gift and share it with others.  I have seen how the Lord helps me with challenges as they arise and also how He’ll use the different paintings to minister and speak to people.  It is humbling to see the emotions that well up in people, and how an image can stir up memories and touch hearts.  It has opened doors for me that couldn’t have opened other ways.  It s a lot like music, in that it speaks to a person’s soul and spirit.  I truly believe we all have talents and gifts and creativity in us, even though not everyone recognizes it.  Visual art just happens to be more ‘out there’ in the open.  Each of us are unique and very special to the Lord.   Whatever you do, whatever gifts you have, do it all for the glory of the Lord and you will be most blessed and happy.


Marg has been working as an artist and art educator since 1976.  She started her career as a visual arts teacher at Arnprior High School.  In 1980 she decided to pursue painting as a full time profession, and for the next twenty years, she developed her skills and built a reputation for her original oil paintings and quality reproductions.

The paintings were known for their attention to detail, and use of light. Much of the early subject matter was rural nostalgia, with a smattering of Victorian ladies, happy children, peaceful landscapes, character studies of Ottawa Valley farmers.

Marg came to know Jesus in 1977, and married the love of her life, Ken Lamendeau in 1979.  With the love and encouragement of her Lord, her husband, friends and family, she recognized the power art has to touch peoples hearts and it gave her the opportunity to proclaim the love of Christ at many shows and in her home/gallery.

Ken left his career as a cabinetmaker to go on the road as a salesman/evangelist with Marg’s art.  It was an exciting, fun life and they met so many wonderful people and artists from all over.

Between 2000 and 2002, there was a shift, and they began to cut back on the travel, Ken taking a job as a Commissionare in Ottawa, as well as missions work overseas, and Marg starting to focus more on teaching others how to paint as well as her own art, exploring new techniques and new subject matter.  Today, Marg teaches five classes in oil painting each week from her home/studio in Arnprior.  It is thrilling to see the unlocking of the creative gifts in her students and to share the joy of painting and the joy of friendship as it blossoms in each class.

In the last few years Marg has been painting during worship times at  the the church she attends in Arnprior Sunday mornings, as well as in her Carss St. Studio.

In recent years, Marg’s subject matter has become more varied as she has explored many interests in her paintings.  Spiritual subjects, wildlife, moonlight, landscapes, florals, interesting plant life, relaxing beaches have all found their  way to her canvases.

Life is an adventure, and painting a wonderful gift to express our thanks to the One who gave us life and so many amazing things to appreciate and enjoy!

To see Marg’s art and that of her students you can find her online at

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The Lion and The Lamb

The Lion and the Lam, by Marg Lamendeau

“The Lion and The Lamb” Rev. Chapter 5, 42″x 36″, oil on canvas, 2009, by Marg Lamendeau

Of the many portraits of Christ in the bible, these are two of the most powerful. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David who has triumphed. He is also the Lamb of God, the innocent pure lamb who became the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. These powerful metaphors portrayed in paint speak volumes about the nature and glory of our Lord.

Going Deeper

Going Deeper , 42″x 36″, oil on canvas, 2010

“Going Deeper” was painted during worship at the church I attend in Arnprior Ont. The idea came from an open vision I received from the Lord a few years ago. In the first part of the vision, I found myself swimming in The River Of God which flows from His throne. This river is a spiritual river which represents His life and presence. Just like natural water completely surrounds us when we are submersed in it, so the presence of God is all around us. I found amazing freedom and maneuverability in this River. As I swam deeper in the River, I was breathing it in like a fish, and the water became a deeper blue in colour. The water started to feel thicker, or ‘weighty’. Just as the pressure in natural water increases with depth, so the deep water in the Spirit had more ‘substance’ to it. My lungs expanded in order to breathe in this new level.

As I looked around me, I saw beautiful stones and jewels at various levels of the River bed. Each stone was unique and different and grew in size as I went deeper. I was aware that these were very special treasures or ‘gifts ‘ from God.

The longer I stayed in the River the more cleansed and filled and invigorated I felt! Eventually I was instructed to go back up to the surface to convince others to come and drink in the River Of God. This painting in my attempt to depict a little of what I experienced. It is a glorious place to be!

In this is Love

“In This Is Love” 1John 4:10, 36″x 30″, oil on canvas, 2012