I heard God say that only the pure in heart will SEE God. Intimacy with God is the key to staying pure and deeper intimacy requires an undivided heart. I believe that this relates to the prophetic arts, in this way. The intimate love we have for God, is communicated in a supernatural way, to those who have “eyes to see”. God reveals Himself in supernatural encounters to people who look upon that art, much like when prayer cloths are placed on the sick and they are healed. I have witnessed this through my art, when someone is riveted to my painting and I watch them receive an impartation from Gods heart, even though they do not know Him. They SEE and EXPERIENCE God, and I watch this encounter and I am amazed at how their hearts open up. I believe that God is saying to declare this scripture over the prophetic arts: “The pure in heart will see God” in the prophetic arts. The  Lord’s light in our art, will penetrate the human spirit, and cause people to cry out to God for His forgiveness. The purity of our heart, will be a conduit, for the Presence of God, to rest in our art, and cause people to SEE God!

Proverbs 20:27

The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit,  exposing every hidden motive.

Angelica saw that our paintings were a reflection of how “light and darkness” dwell together in the world. On the canvas, that contrast of light against dark colours, speaks of how the light in us is more visible in the darker places in our world.

Gail Coxworth